The story of Mike and Jamie

Meet Jamie. A pretty, young woman from the little town of Quesnel (a town up north in the bush) looking for work in the bustling city of Vancouver. Jamie was at that stage of her life where she was ready to meet a handsome bachelor but as we all know, it’s pretty hard to find prince charming off the bat. Especially in Vancouver. Not that she was necessarily looking – finding work was her first priority. Jamie is one of those people who can easily adapt to any job and do well of it so she wasn’t looking for any job in particular.

Meet Mike. Mike was a hard working, handsome hotel manager who was well respected and admired. Mike happened to work along side a friend of Jamie’s, a friend that would soon be the cupid to bring these two hearts together.

Jamie phoned up her friend to see if there was any work available at her hotel, and sure enough, they were hiring for a hostess position. They got chatting and Jamie’s friend starting going off about how Mike was such a great person and “the most eligible bachelor in Vancouver.” Jamie was intrigued. We don’t blame her.

A Skype interview got set up and Jamie and Mike “met” for the first time. The interview went well and Jamie liked something about this guy. If you ever met Mike you’d soon find out that he’s a genuinely nice guy – kind, easy to talk to and interesting. With some follow-up insider information from Jamie’s friend, Jamie decided to pack up her bags and pursue this. I love this. Sometimes, you just have to take a chance at something no matter how ridiculous it might seem or risky.

Jamie emailed Mike and arranged a second interview, this time in person.

The time came for this “interview” (aka date). They met and things just took off. There were no awkward moments or regret in Jamies mind – she knew she liked him and Mike was taken with this bubbly, pretty blonde who drove all the way from Quesnel to meet with him. Close to the end of the interview, Jamie hinted at a third interview – in other words another date. Mike agreed. Yay!

After this, things happened fairly quickly. Their interest in each other was no secret, they both knew something real was there. Since Mike would rather date Jamie than employ her, Jamie had to scour the city for a job and soon found luck.  The fifth day they spent with each other they decided that Jamie would move in with him as his girlfriend. No wasting time here.

When you know, you know. Things just rolled along smoothly and their love grew deeper every day.

“It seems like every month Mike is walking through the front door with a big bundle of flowers, a fern an orchid, even once a pony tail palm tree (which I have managed to keep alive…for now). His surprises keep me loving him more and more everyday.” –Jamie

It’s really adorable being around these two because you can tell that they both completely adore each other. Jamie is my cousin and I really couldn’t be happier that she found such a great guy.  And Mike, you are a lucky man! I’m sure you know it though. They work so well with each other and I’m so excited for their future. We did their engagement photos around their beautiful home in Port Kells and neighbouring areas. It was a super windy day so we were a bit uncertain of how it would work but it ended up being perfect!

Enjoy the photos and leave these two some love.


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Taisa Harvey

Adorable love story :)