Shandess & Jason || Playland Engagement

Online, four years ago, Jason met Shandess. For those of you who don’t know Shandess, she happens to be crazy about dogs and has THE MOST ADORABLE pups out there. I’m not kidding one bit. I like dogs, they’re cute and fluffy and the whole puppy eye thing gets to me too, but I’m not like, obsessed with them. ┬áBut Shandess’ dogs? Umm major love affair going on here. Those pups make me melt! If I could order them by the dozen I would, I’d live in a little house on the beach and me and my dogs would have our happily ever after, watching the sun go down just me and my doggie fam jam. (<—- that’s why I’m single).

Back to Shandess and Jason.

So, Jason messages Shandess regarding her dogs and of course, she replies and conversation starts from there. Give it a few months, they finally work it up to the point of agreeing to go on a date! Yay! Shandess describes this date as super fun – and this is where she got her inspiration to do the engagement shoot at Playland.

The date was set to be held at a local carnival. Brilliant choice in my opinion, that sounds so fun. Conversation is flowing, laughter is bubbling and the atmosphere is bright and cheerful all around. The sunset casts a soft blanket of romance over the brightly lit carnival scene, the evening couldn’t be better. After walking around for a while, they decide to go watch inception at the theatre – both of them were confused half the time – but how much attention were they giving the movie anyway;-)

Both of them went home with smiles on their faces that night. It was a perfect date and they felt such a great connection.

It wasn’t long after that date when they decided that they made a great couple and after a late night drive they officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. Shandess can’t imagine her life without Jason as he is to her the funniest and most caring man the city has to offer. And I’m sure Jason can echo the same – he doesn’t even need to voice it, you can see the love written all over his face when he looks at her. It makes me so sappy when I think of it, but I am so happy that these two have found their happily ever after and am the luckiest photographer to document their story for them. Their wedding is set in Tofino and just before Shandess emailed me I had been going on to a friend about how amazing it would be to photograph a Tofino wedding. September can’t come soon enough!

Enjoy the photos and leave these two some love.

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Kristina Palmer

Beautiful! Love you guys Congratulations! :)

Sherry Ellis

Amazing….much love and happiness to you both.

Claudette Tinkler

awsome! !

Jackie Tinkler

Awesome! !

Allan Tinkler

Way to go Stephanie . Awesome pics especially the one showing “the Rock”

Susan Wood

Love it all! So happy for you both! Great pictures! XO

Samantha Montgomery

Awe amazing story! Love the photos!

Julie Griffin

Love the story and the photos mom