Fionn. One super cute, smart, active & talkative little kiddo! Also my second cousin!  My cousin Neils came out to Langley for the morning to do some pictures and we almost had to cancel because of the weather but luckily enough the rain held off for us and let us get our session in. This was actually my first time meeting Fionn so I was really happy when it got booked into my schedule.

This kid is really, really adorable. He keeps mom and dad on their toes as he is super independent and active, and I don’t know how they can every say no to anything he asks because he has some of the most heart-melting expressions to ever cross a child’s face.

Neils was smart and stepped off to the side as we were doing photos because usually kids work better when their parents melt into the background a bit. They’re more focused and it helps create a connection between the photographer and child – I loved some of our little conversations. I really love photographing kids and this was such a great session. He was treated to an ice cream cone at the end of his session and ate it in true kid fashion… I think more ended up on his shirt and mouth than in his tummy;-)

Enjoy the photos.

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Bev Charman

great pictures steph… always enjoy seeing your work

Rebecca Hall Ciccone

Sitting on the train tracks is my fave.

Andre Gauthier

I love the pic of him holding the snail… Great work once again :)